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Repair & Sales of WorkRite wood welders.

We service all WorkRite © model 3000 and 4000 wood welders, ensuring they leave our shop ready for many years of trouble-free operation.

While most repairs can be done with phone advice and repair parts from, or myself, we are referred by WorkRite © to customers who need major repairs.

We recommend that individual handgun repairs be sent directly to WorkRite © for repair or replacement. We do repair handguns when they are sent with a cabinet unit for major repair and/or restoration. All parts for WorkRite © machines are available from

Restoration and Rebuild Process

  1. Complete unit and handgun are disassembled and cleaned for inspection
  2. Any visually worn part is repaired or replaced with genuine WorkRite © parts
  3. Exterior cabinet and handgun housing are repaired and refinished
  4. Unit is re-assembled and bench-tested to ensure proper operation and performance
  5. Any part that fails during bench-testing is replaced and unit is retested
  6. Unit is given a new certification label with date of rebuild and is crated for delivery back to the customer.

All restored units come with a 60-90 day parts warranty.



  • Complete restoration of unit and matching handgun - $2,000 plus shipping
  • Complete restoration of unit without handgun unit - $1,700 plus shipping
  • Partial repairs are done on an hourly basis at $65/hour
  • 30-day parts warranty applies to all repairs

Machines for Sale

WorkRite ©

Although WorkRite Inc. © has discontinued production of wood welders, we usually stock fully-restored WorkRite © 3000 units and  4000 units, crated and ready to ship within 24 hours.

We have found that most customers prefer the 4000 unit due to its more powerful performance and durability for production work.

Visit the WorkRite Inc. © website for specification and comparison of both the WorkRite 3000 and 4000 machine capabilities.

810 Triode USA Certified Power Tubes for all Workrite Wood Welders in Stock

We stock gently-used and new-old-stock "Made in USA" 810 Tubes that have been tested for "like-new" performance, and come with a 90-day exchange guarantee.

Brands stocked: RCA, General Electric, Ken-Rad and other past USA brands.

We prefer these tubes, because even in used operating condition, they exceed the quality and performance of the Chinese imports, in our opinion. Please call for current pricing.

Model 3000
810 Power Tubes in Stock
Model 4000

About the WorkRite Wood Welder

WorkRite Inc. © began manufacturing wood welders in 1946. A true workhorse, the wood welder speeds up the drying time of water-based glue, which shortens production times and reduces costs for manufacturers. Largely unchanged from its original design, production of wood welders has been discontinued, however parts are still available.

Visit the WorkRite Inc. © website


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